Nova Diamant has a long history of producing CVD Diamond for high performance mechanical applications. Our latest innovation is CVD Diamond coated ceramic balls – the hardest ball in the World.

The Company started as result of the research from The Ångström Laboratory/Uppsala University,  (the Tribomaterials Group).



Diamond coated face seals

We have a long experience from CVD diamond coatings on mechanical faces. A highly improved wear resistance and dry running capability is achieved.

Diamond balls/spheres

CVD Diamond is grown on the Surface of a ceramic ball. The Surface is then polished to a very smooth Surface. Typical (among many) use is as probe/styli for coordinate measuring machines (CMM).The lifetime of the part can often be increased several hundred times.


Wear/other parts

Diffrent types of wear parts can gain a significant lifetime with a Diamond coating. Typical parts are reference surfaces, Tools, Silicon wafers ….