Which materials can be coated?

– We usually Diamond coat Silicon Carbide. Other material like carbide forming metals (Ti, W, MO) can be coated. Cemented Carbide can be coated but is nothing we recommend due to difficulties to get a reliable adhesion. Our recommendation is to use sintered Silicon Carbide.

What is the reduction of friction and energy saving for mechanical seals?

– It differ depending on installation and seal. The best case is a water lubricated/cooled seal where the friction reduction can be 50 % which can save a lot of energy during the service life. If the seal has plenty of oil lubrication that separate the surfaces well,  most of the losses are in the viscous drag of the oil – no reduction. Typically the friction reduction is high during sever conditions like start/stop and dry running which keep the temperature down and save seal faces and the secondary seals (o-rings).

Can you coat the interior of a cylindrical component?

– Yes, but it usually requires a fixture and new set-up (process adjustment), this create an extra initial cost